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April 05, 2007



Not at numbers 10 and 11 Downing St they don't.


'Bout frickin time. Seriously, congratulations.

Kevin Carson

Congratulations! Any idea whether it'll be on Amazon U.S. anytime soon?


Is there something we could put in our sidebars to promote it?


"Truly, good and evil dwell side by side. "

And evil appears to come at the startlingly good value of 25 new pence....

Good luck with book. I may even have to go and get a copy Chris. (your one, not the nonsense about Tottenham)

Backword Dave

Oh, well done, Chris. I don't suppose that, having read your blog for three-odd years now, I'm absolved reading the book? Thought not. Look forward to it.

Like the cover; not so sure about the title: 'Not the end of politics' maybe. Shame Amazon's book description is the synopsis with silly line breaks, and they have the publication date wrong (by you and your publisher).

Bruce G Charlton

wrt 'but' - presumably it is the usual short-term v long-term problem.

The first politician to admit the downside to their policies will no doubt suffer immediate critical comparisons with those who offer policy panaceas, but in the long term the honest politicians will be trusted more and be able to get more done.

Think of it: "Free trade in agriculture will improve the standard of living of the vast majority of people home and abroad, but yes it will also harm the short-term livelihood of EU farmers.

We believe that the long-term general advantages greatly outweigh the short-term and limited disadvantages.

So, tough luck farmers, but there is always a price to pay for progress; and this time you are paying it."


"Increasing the minimum wage will improve the standard of living for those who remain employed at low wages, especially the unionized workforce (upon whose votes and funding we depend). But it will increase unemployment among the unskilled and make them poorer and more miserable.

We believe that our party's benefits from pandering to unionized workers outweigh the harm to those made unemployed by this legislation - but gaining and retaining political power by vote-buying is an unfortunate reality of politics - so tough-luck to the least-skilled."

Oops, showing my prejudices a bit there...

Richard Hancock

Many congratulation on the publication of your book -- I've added it to my buy list.

I'm curious: is this the book that used to be advertised, circa 2004, in your "sig" in the Investors Chronicle -- before you started using your "sig" to advertise this blog? (I seem to remember that book had "Blair" in the -- tentative? -- title.)

Or is this book a reworking of that book -- or even a new book completely?


Thanks for those encouaging words, everyone.
The book is a reworking of the "New Labour and the End of Politics" that I plugged in the IC a while back, with a few omissions.

tom s.

Congratulations - I'll definitely be reading this one.


Any news on when it'll be out in paperback? ;-)


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Truly, good and evil dwell side by side

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