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May 22, 2007


Mark Wadsworth

Does this surprise anybody?

I work across the road from Burberry's head office and all the lasses over there look like models.


B****rds. I bet they discriminate on the basis of ability and qualifications as well. The world is so unjust.

Seriously though, very interesting stuff. I just hope New Labour doesn't continue to consider itself the best judge of who employers should employ, and outlaw it like it has age discrimination.


In my twenties I was very slim, with an Irish cast of face. Now I'm fat and Jewish-looking. And the consequences are.....?


Discrimination against fat bastards is an interesting one. Unlike say skin colour or height, there is something you can do about your weight (yes i know for some lardarses it's glandular but only for a very few).

Most people would make the assumption that fat bastards are weak willed, lazy and lack self-motivation - none of which lend themselves to making for a good employee.

Lardies should suffer discrimination. It might act as an incentive to shed a few lbs.


It's deadful discrimination. Everyone should be treated equally no matter what the job and regardless of their shape and size.

Me, I'm thinking of taking up fashion modelling. Or maybe I could become a jockey? Or a basketball player. No, I've got it; I'm going to become a porn star...


As if they don't have enough on their plates.

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