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May 24, 2007


Mark Wadsworth

But with all this view on demand, you can do a proper job and then watch the Blue Peter of an evening, fast forwarding to the CH moments and then pausing them.


"I like to think she studied under Ruth. But that takes you too far into the darker recesses of the Dillow mind."

Yes let's not go there. The glimpse you've offered us here is too disturbing for words.

Matt M

And to think, she's the type of person the BNP want to "encourage" to leave the country.

Muppets. Complete and utter muppets.

James Hamilton

I see she's had a public school education, Chris.

Applying your standard response to this, i.e., to hold her in contempt (see many Dillow posts passim), your own logic would prevent you from using her in this particular way and context.

Indeed, your own logic requires you to muse instead on how far she's gone in life in comparison to yourself, and on how much further she "should" have gone given the start she had.


The admission office at Cambridge has pointed out before that a disproportionately large fraction of its ethnic minority students come from - gasp! - Independent Schools.

Richard Hancock

Did she make -- or is she still making -- that dress herself?


Wikipedia has her in the same dress but with her skin a darker tone. Odd

Maynard Handley

After seeing that video, I then was foolish enough to click on this one
which sadly punctured the bubble. Hearing her speak, and what she has to say, really shatters the illusion of desirability.

Ms Baroque

So basically, 'cool' means 'semi-clothed' - and, apparently, young, cute and kinda zany! I get it...

So where are all the 'cool' male econ majors?

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