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May 10, 2007


Mark Wadsworth

In reply to your last question, yes.

What cheers me up even more is the fact that net incomes are rising by 3.6% and RPI is running at 4.8%, so on average people are a bit worse off every year. And those who weren't on the "housing ladder" by the turn of the millenium are right royally screwed.

Bravo Nulab! Well done! What a legacy!


The ONS suggest the 2% fall in original income inequality was in part due to the introduction of the minimum wage, so the "overt" intervention is hiding other, more successful, intervention.

On the other hand it also says the gini would be 0.4% higher if water charges still counted as taxes, not services.

john b

Mark: err, no. GDP growth is quoted in real terms - i.e. after the impact of inflation.

Mark Wadsworth

John B, I was talking about net-income after-tax-growth, not real GDP growth, which is a tad less than 3.6%.

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