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May 09, 2007



Of course there is.
But don't expect Brown to do anything about it!

Mark Wadsworth

Thanks for putting the link the CI website.


i dont know why but someine came to my blog from this site via a post you wrote in april 05 on CBIs (?). very interesting post btw.

interesting because thats what we (the LDP) are proposing to the Australian electorate in the forthcoming elections via a 30/30 policy.

Mark Wadsworth

Pommygranate, can you elucidate or attach a link to aforementioned policy?



Mark Wadsworth

Pommygranate, I meant a link to the LDP's 30/30 policy (I read somewhere flat tax of 30% on incomes over AUD 30,000) but that doesn't explain the CBI bit.


Ah. yes.


It is a negative income tax policy, whereby the first $30k of earnings are tax free and thereafter one only pays 30%.

for those without any earnings or who earn below $30k, they receive money as follows;

if you earn nothing, then you receive 30% of $30k, ie $9k.

if you earn $10k, then you receive that $10k tax free plus an additional 30% of $20k (30-10) or $6k - a total of $16k.

it is a way of reducing the bureaucracy of the welfare state and reducing dependance on it.


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