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May 02, 2007


Mark Wadsworth

Short answer "yes".

It is an established fact that house prices (for whatever reason) go in eighteen year cycles. See the following chart...


1953 + 18 = 1971
1971 + 18 = 1989
1989 + 18 = 2007


If it was that predictable surely every financial advisor would be advising people to sell/advising against buring prior to every crash. Thus creating a crash before the 18 years came around.


Yep - let's hope that prices rise by "only"
That's not a slowdown - that's a further acceleration!
On this basis, approvals will have to fall rather more before we can anything about a price slowdown - let alone a price *fall*!

Mark Wadsworth

Planeshift - let's wait and see shall we? Perhaps the 18-year cycle will one day break down, perhaps not.


if its not over this month, it soon will be.

what goes up, ...

i posted on this topic yesterday btw.


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