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May 20, 2007


Uncle Smokes

Practice makes perfect.


Surely all Ericsson has demonstrated is that practice can make a lot of difference to people who have high ability to begin with. Mozart wouldn't have been Mozart without all that early music study, Monica Seles wouldn't have won the French Open at 16 without all that early coaching. That seems a long way from showing that training is more important than innate ability.

Maynard Handley

Hmm. An actual FACTUAL question, not an issue of morality or opinion, and your best way to resolve the issue is to look at the opinion from someone 230 years, someone who, as far as I know, never engaged in even the most rudimentary techniques for gathering data from large populations?

What's next? Let's read Aristotle to gain insight into the best materials for building quantum cascade lasers?

If only there were some discipline, based on statistical and scientific techniques that had actually gathered data on this subject. We might call it, I don't know, maybe sociology, or maybe psychology.

Or, if that's too much effort, why not just rent a copy of 42-Up and come to your own conclusions? A handful of British kids is still more of a sample than zero.

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