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May 10, 2007



If it sells well, it'll show that blogging can be a platform for writers to enter the dead tree industry.

Eh? You *already* work for the dead tree industry. Or does the Investor's Chronicle not count?

P.S. We love you. Can we have free signed copies?


That picture of Nigella has convinced me. Its in my Amazon cart now.


"It's packed with facts, some of them correct."

Reassuring words to hear from the author.

Devil's Kitchen

Alright, alright, I've bought the damn thing. If it doesn't make me want to retire to the loo to read it I'm demanding my money back...



I already own a copy.

So far as I can tell, James Burnham is an obvious and pervasive influence.

Nonetheless, I still reckon that your views on mass immigration are complete and utter fatuous bollocks. Britain's multicultural chickens will come home to roost at some point... just you wait.

Besides that, I agree with almost everything you have to say. Well done. Keep up the good work.


Just to let you know: I was the author of Oliver Kamm's pseudo-Chomsky spoof on Pickled Politics, which was just recently cited on Unity's thought-provoking blog.

Fame at last!


Igor Belanov

Amir, are you marketing yourself as the 21st century Enoch Powell?


Hidden the chippiness? Bollocks to that then...

Surreptitious Evil

Followed your link in point 6. Then had a horrible thought. The "New and Used Link".
Used copies of that book. I can feel bits of my brain shutting down in horror as I type.



But it's £16 for a book that you've just admitted is less than 300 pages. I'd like to read it, but that's just too much money for a thin book. I'll wait until they are cheap on Amazon Marketplace, or Amazon themselves cut the price. I *might* pay a tenner for it.


Good luck with the book, Chris. Mine sold even less than David Blunkett's memoirs which stings a bit. I'm sure yours will do much better.


I like gratuitous Nigella's. I have one myself. More please.



["Amir, are you marketing yourself as the 21st century Enoch Powell?"]

Boy, I haven't heard that one before! Judging by your superior wit and Pryor-like intellect, I can only conclude that you’re marketing yourself on a 21st century Bill Hicks…? How can I compete?

For your information: I don’t “market” myself on anyone or anything. If I had to name one politician that represents my political and moral pedigree, I would name either Nicolas Sarkozy or Senator Ron Paul. I dislike large-scale immigration because it’s a cruel and callous denial of indigenous settlement: a despicable and unnecessary intrusion into the close-knit communities of working-class men and women. Be that as it may, I do not see how depriving Third World countries of their most productive workforce can be called “global justice.” The economic case for mass migration is EASILY refuted by Anthony Browne in an award-winning pamphlet for the Civitas think-tank. (It is, furthermore, a useful antidote to Philippe Legrain’s unscholarly contribution to the same debate.)


Add this page to your favourites list. So next time you want to mock me about my rational dislike of mass migration, at least have the courtesy to consult the evidence.


Chris Williams

No class hatred? I'll wait for the remainders.


The economic case for mass migration is EASILY refuted by Anthony Browne...

Yes, we've got immigrants pouring into the country and he still has a job.

Jim Denham

Is it a real book, or just a post-modern, pretend-book? A pretend-book based upon Nigella Lawson and James Burnham...that would be good, though, wouldn't it..?

Neil Murphy

She's got nice boobs hasn't she? I expect the book must be good to because of its association with her.....


@Neil Murphy

"She's got nice boobs hasn't she?"

To be lucky with women - especially big-boobed women - is to be lucky tout court. Chris Dillow's advertising techniques are shallow and misogynist, but that's what I love about Chris and Stumbling and Mumbling. His paean to the female anatomy is beyond praise.

Neil Harding

I've got a confession to make, I don't buy things off the internet. Will this book be available in Waterstones etc? I like to flick the pages before I buy.

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