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July 27, 2007



Possible extra corollary; there's still some discrimination based around possibility of pregnancy & maternity leave; it's possible employers may also perceive a lesbian to be less likely to disappear off and have babies, thus that discrimination is lessened?

That might also explain a bit of the curiosity, female dominated roles less likely to discriminate against women for liklihood of pregnancy.


The usual tiresome shite whereby correlations are said to "explain" things, and "causes" are purportedly revealed. Bah.

Rafael Corrales

This may win the award for "blog post I've emailed to insult various friends" award. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


I think dearieme got it in one.

Obviously, being a parent is expensive. Both career-wise as well as financially.


It occurs to me that the biggest difference between gays and straights is that straight relationships are asymmetric. Any consistent differences between the sexes will have an effect on the average straight relationship, but none on the average gay relationship.

For example, the average staight marriage may involve an income transfer from a man to a woman, but clearly no gay marriage would.

This would give straight men an additional incentive to earn money, and straight women less incentive to earn money.

I have a theory consistant with the data. It must be true!

James Hamilton

All of which takes me back to September 1980 and my French textbook which featured, amongst other characters, a "young rich uncle" who was never seen with women. Way over my head at the time, obviously.

Matt Munro

Gay men have better inter personal skills, are more creative, have wider social newtworks and are better dressed than straight men - all assets in the increasingly social workplace. Also gay men are more likely to be left large sums of money by older richer gay men who have no kids.

Lesbians are a complete mystery to me.

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