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July 25, 2007


Matt Munro

But by definition the bloke with the clap is more attractive to the ladies, so why would they reject him in favour of a virginal bloke who is probably paying so much rent/mortage on his new flat that he can't buy them dinner anyway ?

James Hamilton

And there I was thinking you just wanted to move to somewhere more working class...


You should have bought a flat in Camden Town. You'd have been laughing.


Or move up a bit to Hampstead. Of course, The House has closed down, to be relaced by a Carluccio's. So I don't know where "London's Best Pulling Spot" can be found these days. But it's probably not the any of the burger places in Belsize.

Yvette Cooper, btw, has no problem with building houses in floodplains. Of course, she aleady has children, so saying supremely stupid things will no longer hurt her reproductive chances.

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