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August 20, 2007


Peter Briffa

Okay, here's another question: how are you enjoying Big Brother?


It's one of the dullest ever - I've almost given up on it. It lacks both fit women and violence - Charley fell just short of providing both - and is becoming too contrived. I can't even work up the interest to hate Ziggy as much as I should. I liked Gerry, though.


4 - yes it's a worry to many of us.

6 - explain in more detail.

Peter Briffa

Did the means of Gerry's eviction annoy you? Carole getting 49% of the vote, Gerry getting 24%, yet Gerry left? Well, probably yes.
But I wonder what an economist would make of the continual tinkering with the rules. I think you owe us a complete post explaining why late entrant housemates, a woman-only house etc. etc. are a bad idea.


#3 - you and me both. Mostly US beat literature and the works of WS Burroughs.

Matt Munro

no 3 is nicely ironic

no 6 could make you a fortune, depending on the context ?

Luis Enrique

5. Holy crap Chris, there's always Eurostar or ferries. I've a good mind to drag you somewhere lovely (France in May - not too hot, few tourists) and FORCE you to enjoy yourself.

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