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August 05, 2007



"People matter not because ...": matter to whom, old fruit?


Chris, to what extent do you think that the existence of tacit knowledge reduces our ability to rely on objective decision-making, increases the necessity to use "gut instinct" and experience, thus making "judgment" important.

In other words, how much of your argument is that decision-making based on judgment is irrelevant (or actually damaging), versus accurate judgment is like picking stocks: it's possible but if you look ex ante at the probability of success you're best off not using it.

Matt Munro

The term "ego" gets abused - it actually means "the desire for social acceptance" and can be easily met just by having family/friends/a job/belonging to a club or any number of fairly mundane social activities.
You are talking about self esteem which is quite different. Festinger's social comparison theory is one possible explaination of the increasing desire for fame for it's own stake, as our reference points in the media age are both more diverse and more unacheivable than ever


How about the answer being three-fold - they are all, mostly, men.

אומנויות לחימה

Hmm this is the one in which everyone wil maintain depends on the status or their behaviour.This ego generates between them depends on the situation. This is good to an extent.If it exceeds, It leads to spoiling the relations.

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