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September 27, 2007



The Irish Republic's experience has borne this out in other ways than the one you have cited.

With huge net emigration for many years, it has not only increased the incentives to improve skills and education levels (a mindset that doesn't think that there are only so many jobs in a particular sector surely results in more entrepreneurial behaviour?) - it has also resulted in a large wealthy diaspora (often third or fourth generation) that can then be targeted with cultural exports.

The USA is full of 'Irishmen' whose grandparents (never mind their parents) never saw the sky over Ireland.

From The Quiet Man to Riverdance, Ireland has always been able to export audiovisuals - and as this has become much more important in the 'new economy', Ireland has benefited enormously.

In twenty years time, British cinemas will be fully of corny sentimental eyewash about Poles and Romanians, complete with folk-dancing and incompetent sexual couplings in defiance of local clergy / politburo.

And some of the profits will end up in Poland and Romania I hope.


Er,... Chris.

There's empirical evidence from such places as Zambia and Ghana which contradicts the Cape Verde study.

You should get a copy of 'The Bottom Billion' by Paul Collier. Cherry-picking from Third World countries is counter-intuitive (ideologically) and counter-productive (in practice).


George Borjas wrote an interesting blog entry vis-à-vis a blog entry of Dani Rodrik’s



MIke - I have a copy of the Bottom Billion. It mentions emigration only three times, citing no research on the issue. Collier discusses it in the context of Somalia, but the problem there is that emigrants don't return (for good reasons), and there are few universities, so little opportunity for wannabe migrants to get an education.
Cape Verde suffices to show that emigration is not necessarily always bad for a country.


Migration and education - much to discuss, but the next venue of this (here: http://hutnyk.blogspot.com/2007/08/migrating-university-goldsmiths-to.html)is not yet decided...





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