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September 10, 2007


Matt Munro

There are so many problems with this it's hard to know where to begin

a) Claimants do not have to prove the money was spent on healthy food (or anything else) so that'll be a months supply of budget vodka, greggs pasties and mayfair fags then.

b) What is "Healthy food"

c) Is the answer to b really more expensive than "unhealthy food"

d) Does anyone really imagine that a teenage chav mother who lives (and thus her kids also live) on KFC, MCdonalds and frozen pizzas is going to wake up one morning and start browsing for organic sun dried kiwi fruit at her local fair trade farmers market ? It's another absurdity driven by a welfare state trying to social engineer middle class values onto the masses.

Roger Thornhill

Chris, what would be wonderful is if anyone has any stats about what an additional £1 EARNED would be spent on by couples and single mums.

Roger Thornhill

Interested to know what an additional £1 EARNED would be spent on.


This blog post is spot on. Healthy eating is good. It is depressing we even need to consider this payout as an option. But what a cack-handed scheme for squandering public money.

Ken Houghton

matt Munro c) - Yes.

That said, the allocation would have to be dedicated the such foods, and the current food allocation ("budget") shifted as well.

Virtually impossible to manage, even if you could.

(Btw, if one were going up a dress and a cup size every couple of months, one would need new clothing, too--if only to be able to go to the local greengrocer to buy the wheat grass and tempeh to which the stipend is allocated.)

Ken Houghton

Clarification of that second 'graf: possibly possible to manage on an individual basis; rather impossible to administer on a wide basis.


I believe your incorrect in the final paragraph to suggest that Mr Johnson and the governments motives are just symbolic.

They are deliberatly trying to encourage the growth of single mothers in any way possible as a means to further weaken society.

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