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September 21, 2007


Peter Risdon

"Is it for the same reason they like jerk chicken or RnB - that there are racial differences in tastes?"

I suspect you didn't mean what that actually says.


"jerk" and "toss" in the same post: are you trying to tell us something? Is it a cry for help?


hence "playground bling".


Your cry for help worked: you receive a plaudit in this morning's FT. Well done, that man.


"The oilman walked away"

Well that is quite expensive for a handjob.

Matt Munro

You've given an economists translation of Festingers' social comparison theory, and added in the often overlooked point that that reference groups (and thus role models) must be of the same ethinic group to have referential power.
An inversion of this argument is that as ethnic minorities tend to be grouped with poorer whites they become locked into a culture of low aspiration and acheivment. Looking at the degree of cutural interpenentration - in terms of the way that black "gehtto" language, modes of dress, taste in music etc are influencing mainsteam white "chav" culture, I think this argument has some validity, and that differences in taste in food and music are culturally driven rather than a result of psysiological differences driven by inherited "racial memory", which is what you appeared to be suggesting.

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Annabel Kaye

Fascinating, but at what point is what you wear part of your ethnic identity rather than your economic positioning?

In the UK this is a big deal because of the way we deal with discrimination at work and school.

What we wear to work and school is regulated, challenged and in the mix right now.


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