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September 12, 2007



...begun by Gordon Brown led the Stupid Party to embrace...

Don't understand here. You mean ... begun by Gordon Brown led Labour to embrace...?

Don't follow why Labour would embrace this. They already have.


Yes, you really need to specify which Stupid party you are referring to ... there are so many.

john b

The Tories are, like it or not, the party referred to as "the Stupid Party". It dates back to JS Mill's time...

john b

(of course, "the stupid party" in small letters could refer to any such organisation)

Peter Risdon

Has the bipartisanship begun by Gordon Brown led the Stupid Party to embrace the worst aspect of New Labour, a preference for gesture politics over liberty and efficiency?

Well, yes. Obviously. But there have been protests all over the right wing blogs about this.

BTW, calling the Party of All Souls Fellows stupid, and not the party of John Prescott, is a bit daft.

Tim Worstall

"Those Tories who (rightly) complain about New Labour's banstubation seem to have gone quiet about proposals by Zac Goldsmith"

A couple of things Chris. As I'm the (sorry, was) the writer of that "Tory" piece which brought the word "bansturbation" to a wider audience.

1) I'm not a Tory. It's possible that I might think that the Conservative Party is the least bad use of my vote, but Tory I ain't, I'm trending very UKIP at present.

2) I, again as that Tory (see above), have not gone quiet about Zac's suggestions.

Like here:
Or here:
Or item 2 here (that's an old secret I think)

And that's without my own blog posts,

I'm perfectly willing to admit to being wrong (with proof, of course) but inconsistent I'm not sure I am.


I know it's been taken but wouldn't "banking" be a better neologism. I mean, words do evolve alternative meanings.

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