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September 24, 2007


Joe Otten

You can argue whether the aelopile was a true steam engine, considering it didn't use expansion.

Still, in the spirit, do you know the name and occupation of the first railway fatality, the locomotive involved and its driver?

Bob B

Further, and embarrassing detail on the Blue Streak programme to develop an independent British ballistic missile can be found here:

As the wikipedia entry explains, the eventual failure and cancellation of the Blue Streak programme led to the adoption of British-built nuclear powered submarines carrying Polaris missiles bought from America, which were later replaced in the 1980s by American made Trident missiles carrying British warheads.

Earlier this year: "The House of Commons has approved the British government's plans to update and replace the UK's Trident nuclear weapons system."

Tim Worstall

Blue Streak and Black Knight: indeed, Grandpa Worstall worked on those. Happy days: there's still a huge chunk of concrete somewhere in Yorkshire that was to be the launch pad.

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