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October 25, 2007



Who is Kelly Katona?

(And I am making a serious point, I travel on public transport! Work that one out!)

Mark Wadsworth

What she needs is a push-up bra, in which she looks absolutely super. Win-win.

Chris Williams

I think that they're grotesque right now - so does my preference make a difference? I'm not promising to look at pictures of her if she makes them kind of average-to-large, though.

Matt Munro

A little on the large side for my taste, and she is a bit too northern generally.


I think your female RSS subscribers have now taken this opportunity to unsubscribe.

chris strange

Is there really a conflict here? Isn't this apparent problem just outsiders to the decision having incomplete information compared to those directly involved.

The marginal utility for ogling giant norks will at some point have provided a greater utility than putting up with chronic back ache from wearing them. The marginal utility for ogling giant norks can, and has, been aggregated together by the market and Ms Katona knows this through her is remunerated for having them. But the utility lost due to back ache is unknown to anybody but her. Therefore Ms Katona is the only person capable of weighting both the factors in play here and coming to a rational decision.

Mark Wadsworth

Agreed, we don't want the poor lass to have back ache, but can't she just replace the silicone with small helium balloons or something? Like I say, win-win.


I'm wondering if my point was too cryptic or too obvious.

Tip, the scale (no pun intended) of the effect matters. You are trying to make a matter of principle out of something that should be a matter of degree (cost/benefit).


this news is tragic


Brilliant! Splendidly graphic illustration of usually abstruse concepts. But 'norks'? New to me (but I don't get out much here...)

Simon Clark

If Kerry keeping her nockers as is created more net hapiness than having them reduced, wouldn't there be the financial incentive for her to keep them?

Of course, this does weight things in favour of the rich somewhat, but government decisions are certainly no more accurate a measure of utility.

Jeremy Poynton

disembiggened? I think you mean debigulated?


Alan Johnsons ownership, or speaking out about?
Comparisons of public vs private rights/utility?
Equivalence of thousands of hospital deaths from cdff, etc, (and they are the ones we know about?), with incessant bleating about overweight, alcohol units, fat, sugar, salt.
Exactly what does he carry between the ears?

Roger Thornhill

I think she should go to Iceland.


I agree with the Utilitarian principle - happier people should technically equal a more industrious work force, keep her boobs and the economy afloat.

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