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November 01, 2007


Matt Munro

"Conversely, there's no talk of Caroline Flint as a future Labour leader".

I was slightly disturbed to find myself fantasising about Caroline Flint last night while she was being interviewed about the immigration figures on the news. Harriet Harman was pretty fit when younger and has made deputy PM ?

Bob B

And William Hague, who apparently shaves his head, is shadow foreign secretary. But then he comes from Yorkshire.

Blognor Regis

Peter Garrett, pop star, politician and baldie. The exception which proves the rule perhaps?


Bald men symbolise the Reality Principle, for which The Age has little taste. Present company excepted.


"First, bald men - because of our superior intellect and virility - are seen as threatening"

Ha ha - keep telling yourself that and maybe it'll come true. Baldness is quite rightly a handicap in politics, as well as in life in general. Those of us who are over forty but still have a full head of hair know you baldies resent us bitterly and would dearly love to impose taxes on our flowing locks, should you come to power.

a very public sociologist

If one has to be bald to do well in the "glamorous" business of politics, does this extend to pundits and reporters? While I note Mad Mel has a full head of hair, Andrew Marr and Nick Robinson do not, and they seem to be doing alright for themselves.


Perhaps there are just fewer bald men than you think?


Nick Robinson is not only very bald, he is quite stupid as well.

I don't know what bearing this has on your arguments but I thought it needed saying. That's all.


Nick Robinson is not only very bald, he is quite stupid as well.

I don't know what bearing this has on your arguments but I thought it needed saying. That's all.

Hugh Markey

John Wayne, Marlon Brando and Robert Montgomery, Prez Eisenhour's tv adviser, wore toupees, as did Bing Crosby. They survived for decades in the public spotlight.
Now that pols are using the techniques of Hollywood and tvland, surely a wig is not out of the question.
Of course, there is less 'nuns'' hair available.
Incidentally, I am also lacking in this area.


Politics is showbiz for ugly people, baldy or otherwise.

Ed Darrell

My brother, with hair, argues that the roots of hair grow down deeper and deeper. If they strike gray matter, the hair turns gray; if they strike nothing, they fall out.

Sen. Jake Garn, R-Utah (long retired), whose shiny pate was famous in television studios, said that men have only a finite amount of "the male hormone." "Some men choose to use theirs growing hair," he would sniff.

The reality is that most people say, "Hair follicles? Who's counting?"

Vox Day has a particularly vapid analysis, which I have poked a fork into at my blog, Millard Fillmore's Bathtub. C'mon by.


Random suggestions:

Bald pop stars? Errol Brown of Hot Chocolate, Isaac Hayes, Seal (does this argument only apply to white males?)

Baldness and phrenology - high cranium...superior intellect...The Mekon?

Re. Villiany: it's beards, not baldness (esp. in Disney, apparently)

Women and hair - it's length, perhaps? See Ruth Kelly (hair/voice), Yvette Cooper, or the way Mad Mel looks like a particularly scary psychiatrist.


It's odd that bald men are discriminated against in politics but men who aren't good looking can do fine.

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Surely there was no bald politicians in the Saudi Arabia..

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The selective use of Indra Gandhi as an example of a successful woman politician does not really apply here. She was PM of India where bald men have been very successful. Thus examples from India in general won't be applicable in the context of US/UK voter preferences.

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