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November 25, 2007


Trooper Thompson

Much as I share your views on the glorious Gunners, you're wrong about this:

"no true football fan cares that much about England. Our loyalties are to our club side"

You're talking about yourself and extrapolating this out to the rest of the country. You're also confusing what people think with what newspapers write, and I imagine you're not very patriotic.


I agree with TT, above. I support England but no club sides at all - I don't see how I am supposed to care about a club whose sole link to me is the local positioning of its ground - few Premiership players are actually from the town (country) in which they play their football; why should I care about them?

At least women's football is largely composed of local players.

Mark Brinkley

Do you think the England team is weighed down by the sackloads of money in their wallets? Could it actually make them play worse?

james c

I thought you were a professional Northerner and here you are supporing the Scum.


As I ex-pat Aussie I have absolutely no allegance to a club side but plenty to the Socceroos.

I actually don't think England are anything like the world's worst football team. In fact given the fact that they represent England who are traditionally terrible at sports relative to their population they do reasonably well. It is just that they are burdened with totally unreasonable expectations, which hampers the guy given the job of looking after them enormously.

International football, is different than club football, mainly in that the players spend so little time together, innate ability must count for more than with normal teams (where it still is important).

So a few key talented individuals make all the difference. The five key individuals missing in their last game, more than explain the result.

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