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November 01, 2007



"I suspect that, for quite a few bosses, what matters is not that their company be presented in a positive light but rather that they have control over their firm's image."

Actually I think you'll find that it's not their firm's image they're concerned about: it's their own.


This makes sense on a national level as well. A country with free and open debate not only will tend to benefit directly from the criticism but also will have internationally more creditability.


This is all about the control-freakery of the insecure, both corporately and individually. Fewer and fewer people in corporate managment today have any clue about what they're doing - and they know it. Exerting 'control' - ie preventing things - is the only means they have of at least kidding themselves that they haven't been found out.

Henry North London

Its all about power and control

The big managers will even lie under oath.

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