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November 25, 2007



It is certainly possible to identify some potential politicians quite young, when they do voluntary work for the parties. We need a good scholarship scheme for them, to broaden their knowledge of the world.


Few politicians on either side have noticeable amounts of managerial expertise - so what's the Right's excuse?


"Any leftist with a genuine interest in the proper boundaries of the state would therefore have developed an interest in how to manage things."

Indeed. Why are the left prepared to put up with a large permanent senior civil service, and why are they prepared allow ministers to be marooned with only a handful of 'politicial advisers' to look after them?

Surely, in a democracy, political parties should be expected to develop their own shadow administrations - largish policy-making bodies that will follow them into government when they win elections?

And isn't finding the patrons of such groups the best way of selecting ministers?

Instead, they have to rely upon underhand methods - the creative use of sympathetic 'think tanks' and management consultancies. And - as a result - we have entirely dispensable ministers who can be reshuffled at will by a jealous PM.

This is - I believe - how they have always done things both in France and the US.

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