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December 11, 2007


Will Davies

Chris - rational choice utilitarianism will miss one of the key idiosyncrasies of following football: people enjoy the unhappiness. Even at the Arsenal occasionally, there's nothing some fans enjoy more than a good whinge.

Perhaps we need to consider Erving Goffman here. The happiness/unhappiness of football is almost-but-not-quite bracketted from the happiness/unhappiness of 'real life'. It is a separate, 'framed' realm of success and failure, that we let bleed into 'real life'.

I think there is some comfort taken in having more than one domain of success and failure in life. Even when we fail in that separate domain, there is something heartening that not all our eggs are in one basket (which would otherwise be capitalism... although quite how separate that is from football these days is a moot point).


"And tourists have no more business being at football grounds than women or the middle classes."

That's a terrible thing to say...women are perfectly welcome at the footer.

Evertonians tend to be happy enough because by and large we just ain't that arsed.
The searing, inextinguishable greatness of our history doesn't hurt either.

Buenaventura MacLean

Two words: East Stirlingshire.


Don't take it all out on Newcastle just because it has destroyed the credibility of the Government.....

Matt Munro

I refuse to belive that anyone would support Watford out of anthing other than desperation.

alan doesn't dunk crisps in beer

As with life, happiness is to do with expectation and ownership.

Fulham's happiest season was the (old) Third division promotion season under Micky Adams (ten years ago) because we'd had 20 years of decline and there were only 5,000 of us and the players were real people.

A seated corporate who-is-that-millionaire-french-journeyman, mid table premier league hyped nonsense bares no comparison.

But then everything is less fun as you get older.

And football isn't about happiness it's about identity and place.

Ken Houghton

More importantly, will anyone in the league propose new rules limiting the number of non-English coaches?


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