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January 10, 2008



To your list could be added: Why has no one in the British media pointed out that while she might have won the popular vote and a media turnaround, in terms of what the New Hampshire is actually for, Hillary Clinton didn't even win!

She and Obama both won 9 delegates for the DNC, and he already had the support of 3 New Hampshire 'superdelegates' to her 2. Obama won.


Jon - the superdelegate thing seems to be the dirty little secret of the campaign, especially if the 'party machine' vote is for Clinton. See:


Mr. Kettle displays a truly impressive lack of self-awareness here.


Alex - we all thought it, but some of us were too polite to say...


The media's job is to entertain not inform. It measures its success by sales or audience share (including the BBC). So "interesting" is more important than "important". Personality is more entertaining than proper analysis.


surely you have missed a massive opportunity here! Kettle... there must a Black somewhere or other ... oh wait - but we can't say that!


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