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January 28, 2008


Dave Cole

Nothing, but they can indicate when further investigation is worthwhile.


Why would any Arsenal supporter allow a probablistic inference spoil a Wenger like whinge? And we all noted it was after a 5-1 thrashing from you know who.

Georgina Best

The 'fixing' rumour I heard was that some of the balls are heated in a microwave beforehand so that the person selecting can differentiate between the top teams.

Georgina Best


Every bridge hand that you are dealt from a well-shuffled pack is prodigiously unlikely, and yet there you sit with it.

Mark Apple

In 99, when Manchester United played Arsenal at Villa park, it was a known fact the Trevor Brooking heated the balls in his bath before drawing the tie out of the bag. Very suspisous. Just like when one ball was still in the bag? makes sense, big teams are drawn together for the TV companies to have the big teams playing each other.

Mark Apple

I would also like to add, why Aston Villa are always draw Manchester United? Conspiracy. Absolute Joke, i am losing the will to live.


In the car park just now I saw a car with the number plate LN52 JEP, isn't that amazing? Out of all the number plates in the world it happened to be that one, how unbelievable is that?

Apologies to Richard Feynmann.


Is the FA Cup draw fixed?


Surreptitious Evil

"what, if anything, can probabilistic statistics prove?"

Quantum mechanics?

Jeremy Poynton

Dunno, but is it not odd how United always get the easiest group in the cash cow stage of the European Cup?


i need 3 gazzeted draws this is.

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