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February 12, 2008


paul ilc

x is "worth" what an unrigged market will pay. There is no such thing as a "just price", pace St Thomas Aquinas, or a fortiori any such thing as "fair trade".


If there is such a thing as an unrigged market isn't there such a thing as fair trade?

David Gillies

reason: assigning the signifier 'fair' to the operation of trade in an unrigged market is a category error. In an unrigged market the notion of 'fairness' or 'justice' makes as much sense as 'unfair quantum chromodynamics' or 'moral X-ray crystallography'.


I think she meant she is about as valuable as a binman, and only worth a doctor's scrotum.


That "On this basis a doctor would have to save eight lives (at birth) a year to be worth £20m a year."

Isn't that only true if the doctor saves those people without the use of expensive equipment, facilities, and support staff? Only the portion attributable directly to the doctor's action should be counted.

Sarah Bevins

Good Natasha pic and I loved Konnie last month.

Please no more Kerry "Chipshop" Katona, though...


"that the value of a statistical life is 120 times GDP per head - £2.5m. "

Oh ffs. Take the advice of Bill Hicks, stop putting a fucking dollar sign on everything.

Honestly if we adopt this approach then the logical conclusion is that it will be cheaper for the state to just gas the unemployed, homeless, drug addicts, mentally ill etc than it is for the state to spend money on social programmes to alliviate such spending. Its already in the twisted logic behind those who think it costs less for poor low lying countries to be destroyed than to impose limits on carbon consumption in the developed world. Enough. Stop it.


Isn't her dad an economics professor?

Dental Scheduling

I think that NICE underestimates things a little bit.

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