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March 11, 2008


a very public sociologist

This is a silly proposal, designed to warm the cockles of Daily Mail readers' blackened hearts. Like so many other daft New Labour ideas it will fall by the wayside. But if not, could this give the popular argument for a republic a shot in the arm?


Typical NuLabour. Problem: how to encourage integration, community, civic pride in a modern disconnected society. Deep issues with deep historical roots connected to all the social, economic, political, environmental issues in this country. Slightly complicated, then.

Solution: Waste 10 minutes of a surly teenagers time pledging allegiance to entirely arbitrary, constitutionally irrelevant, historical curiosity.

AKA: NuLabour has no ideas at all, but if they don't come up with some bollocks solution to a problem once a year (and when everyone calls it what it is, claim it was to "encourage debate"), then it looks like they are doing nothing (which they are of course).


For a lawyer Goldsmith is remarkably ignorant. At common law every subject of the Crown owes allegiance without the need for an oath. This truly is a PR exercise.

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