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March 16, 2008


Jim Donovan

Surely even you, Chris, know of the doctrine "pour encourager les autres". Us boss types are only taking these huge salaries and bonuses so you drones will feel good. We're doing a public service.


I think this is a case for H.L. Mencken's horselaugh. Sometimes the grid-square remover *is* an appropriate weapon.

Scott Hughes

That's very interesting. The research's findings are counter-intuitive, but I guess they makes sense. Most of all, I like your point about asking people in the company what they think the probability they will be CEO in 10 years.


It may also be because we spend years being told that a massive pay-gap is inevitable and necessary for a functioning society. Who would complain then? We only desire an alternative when we can envisage it, but a more equitable society is just not discussed any more.


Is it not the same sort of positive that a journeyman football player gets from have a far higher-paid superstar on the team?

My CEO earning many times what I earn at least suggests my company is or will make lots of money to justify it. Maybe "he is worth it" because of his superior ability. Even if I'm not seeing much of the money at least my job may be that bit more secure, means more opportunity for promotion and some extra cash may trickle down my way some time.

What I don't want to see is CEOs at other firms earning much more than my CEO. Is the company in a bad way? Is my CEO not one of the best?

Kevin Carson

Just goes to show that the ideological indoctrination system is working, if people actually believe you can get to be Pharaoh by working hard building pyramids.

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