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March 01, 2008



Rumpty, tumpty, tumpty, tum
Rumpty, tumpty, tump, tump
Rumpty, tumpty, tumpty, tum
Rumpty tiddle eye poo


I once heard a doctor claim that the ideal rhythm for giving someone CPR after they've had a heart attack was the Archers theme tune. Was he right?


I'd favour the syndrum pattern at the start of the Eastenders theme.


As ever the Archers is ahead of it's time. Pip sorted global warming, the rape laws will probably be changed because of Sid's wife's little problem, and badgers have long been down for annilhilation.
The only thing I'm NOT happy about is it must surely be time for Brian to have another affair - but I would like to see it with his first love of 40 years ago, who is now 60. That would show 'em.

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