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March 05, 2008



Besides which isn't it true that any advice you get will be both short term self serving and long term self-defeating. (Short term self-selfing as the price of recommended products is bid up, long term self-defeating as the yield of such products falls).

michael webster

Sorry, what is wrong with a nanny, again?

Aaron Heath

I think teaching people how to manage money is a good idea. But it should be part of basic schooling, not some retrospective and expensive propaganda exercise with the insidious - if misguided - aim of raising more revenues.

If all politicians are democrats, why don't they just get rid of these hidden taxes, and charge us a simple single amount? Well, because Politicians are liars.

Oh, I've always considered soaps a government tool anyway.


That reminds me of the campaign that the spanish socialist (XIX C version) made to reduce car accidents. Their motto was: "We cannot drive for you".
As I saw it, there was a double implication:
1. They were regretting they could not, but they would like very much to.
2. They were convinced that they would do it much better than us, the stupid drivers.
In that case, like in the money one, why don´t they just limit themselves to build safe roads ?



The fact that schools teach nutrition, environmentalism and 'citizenship' (whatever that is - we didn't have that 10 years ago), but next to no economics has long bemused me. And yes, it leads to a shocking ignorance of even the basics of money management.

Additionally, the idea of using soaps as an educational tool is not novel. In 1999, for instance, Brookside was used as a vehicle for an adult literacy campaign, 'Brookie Basics'.

My opinion on it really depends on the execution of Thoresen's suggestion. It's an issue where I'm prepared to allow pragmatism to override anti-intervention principle. Basically, if it is being done purely for education, and is balanced, I don't have a problem. If it is used to promote a viewpoint or a commercial service, on the other hand, then IMO the distinction between programming (the soap itself) and advertising has become unacceptably blurred.

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