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March 31, 2008


Chris Williams

Hmm. . . was this because the average got shunted back a few months across the board, or the result of a small group of bingers giving their kids fetal alcohol syndrome, and thus depressing the mean that way?


It's not just because of a small number with FAS. It seems that, for men, even the 40th percentile of earners exposed to alcohol do worse than the 40th percentile not exposed - so the effects go further up the earnings distribution than FAS alone would explain.
However, for the top half of earners, there seems little difference between the two groups.


How do they know that the pregnant women drank more? What if their menfolk drank more, got drunk, and kicked their women about?


I don't wish to undermine the importance of this, but I wonder what percentage of children were conceived under the influence of alcohol? I'm farily confidence all mine were.

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