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March 09, 2008





Fareed Zakaria address's direct democracy in his book 'Illiberal Democracy' over 80% of California's State budget is pre-allocated due to referenda and cannot be adjusted, removed or increased without another referenda. Hardly optimal governance.

And one of the problems with your concept is adequatly described by John Stuart Mill in his On Liberty, he was taking about something else however his point would be valid in this instance. In a situation where 'the people' decide via refendum it would be

"the will of the people, moreover, practically means the will of the most numerous or the most active part of the people - the majority, or those who succeed in making themselves accepted as the majority"

Really a referendum on every govermental policy? Only those who cared passionately about a subject would vote, generally those with a vested interest. You would not get government for the people but government for yourself. Imagine how bad the USA government's spending is because nothing ever gets cut, there is still a subsidy to the cotton industry from when the US Army needed cotton to make uniforms, from the 1800's.

Imagine that with policy....

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