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March 27, 2008



Wasn't there a big-bucks Democrat backer who said recently that he was appalled at how readily and expertly both Clintons lied? On what evidence do you assume that it is not conscious lying? Ditto for "bosses"?


I'm sure we all colour the truth a little from time to time ( changing the punch line on something that has happened to you to make it funnier? Forgetting something then giving an excuse with a smidgeon of truth in it?)Where I think Hillary and Bill differ is in the same way as Tony Blair did. He genuinely believed he had seen Jackie Milburn playing football.Hillary believed she was under sniper fire. It's only a short hop to Blair's 5 times a night and Bill's "I did not have sex with that woman". Come again? Oh, perhaps a small misspeak there....


Funnily enough some crank in the Guardian today claimed Obama was a Neitzchean too...but in a good way.

Maybe they should sack the nomination process off and have it out with broadswords on some Bavarian crag.


So, what's she supposed to do, Mr. Smarty Pants, "Stay home, bake cookies, and have TEEEEEAAAAAAS?"


Dearieme - a conscious liar would know that it's stupid to lie about an event that the world's cameras caught on film. I can't believe Hillary is that daft.

Philip Hunt

"Managers presume that the world can be bent according to their will."

I used to work for someone like this. He apparently genuinely thought that if he said enough times, with enough emphasis, "the project *will* be completed on time", then somehow it would magically happen.


"I can't believe Hillary is that daft." There we differ.

Will Davies

Al Gore would be another obvious example. This time eight years ago, we were all marvelling at his bizarre claims - remember how he "invented the internet"?

Maybe it's smarter to stick to the Republican strategy, and repeat the same lie over and over again, but about your enemy, rather than this riskier option of chucking together stories about oneself on the hoof.


Or how Gore was misquoted? He never said he invented anything. The press made it up, purely and simply. And Gore's failure was not to shoot back when journos, Republicans and other low-lifes made stuff up about him -- on this and on many other issues.

On the other hand, there's no doubt that it is better politics to stick to making stuff up about your opponents (a "claim") as opposed to about yourself (a "fib").

At least Hillary completely deserves whatever blowback she's getting from this. Dreadful person.

Homphobic Horse

Countenancing this pernicious Nietzschean vitalism puts you on the road to destruction.

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