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March 28, 2008



It's as if it was set up to facilitate blame-shifting!


The blame is with the government regulations not BAA or BA.


In what way is it the fault of government regulations rather than BAA or BA?


Am I alone in being amused by Mr Dillow's inclination to attribute to "Economics" all manner of widely appreciated commonsensical observations?


You are not alone.


classically Kafkaesque cock up with every department blaming each other... brilliant.


The shambles at Terminal 5 shows what happens when bosses are ignorant of economics.

Stange - many have attributed it to the great British disease, not so much to managerialism, Chris.


Isn't there some overlap there, James?


Presumably, if government regulations are to blame, we're talking about the obsession with infrastructure and operations being owned by separate companies, as with the railways. Or is it the belief of both BAA and BA management that one blue collar person can do the job of two, while five management consultants are needed to do the job of one?


Good old fashioned people management is what's gone wrong here. Avoiding (and sorting out) the T5 mess would be easy if it was in everyone's interest to pull together etc. But baggage handlers are a 70s-style union stronghold, with overmanning and work-to-rule galore. They were so busy congratuating themselves about their shiny new building that BA management totally overlooked the issue of how their workforce would react to the inevitable changes that the shift to a new terminal would create.

james c

'And it's a basic principle of economics that complementary assets should be run by the same boss, to ensure that they work together. '

Isn't this contrary to Coase's theorem?

Patrick Crozier

So, management is a waste of time? So, why don't you set up a company without any managers? You'll make a fortune.

David Haughton

Who every said, "No-one ever got fired for buying IBM"...

Not BA. In a terse statement, BA announced that operations director Gareth Kirkwood and customer services director David Noyes "will be leaving the company".

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