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March 25, 2008



If Baltimore was on the list, you'd have to add the Wire. It might be close enough to DC. Or, you could count "The Shield" for DC. Count movies and "The Departed", "Gone Baby Gone" "etc. could all affect Boston.

PS. I teach stats at my university and today I cover linear regressions. What a coincidence.


You really have to take into account their start dates - 2000 for las vegas, 2004 for new york, not sure about the others. Think this might scupper the idea totally - didn't las vegas house prices rise until recently?


Nylund, "The Shield" is based out of California instead of DC.


Would this mean that there is an externality of consumer demand for crime dramas? Should we therefore impose a tax on popular crime dramas to compensate the victims?

a very public sociologist

I certainly agree with you Nylund. You can pick up a vacant featured in the series for as little as $100!


Matthew - the start dates don't scupper the theory, but just make it hard to test. The thing is, the effect of CSI on crime perceptions would be non-linear. The first episode will have had a negligible effect, but the cumulative effect of 8 series could well be large. Maybe it's only in the last few months that a tipping point was reached.


"Pedants will moan that this is just a nonsensical excuse to carry a picture of Emily Procter" Actually I was wondering about the sharp increase in full-bosomed women illustrating these blogs. Now I'm told that isn't purely gratuitous I'm working hard to discover a reason. Worse: I worry that when CD goes to the rural wastelands we'll have sheep as illustrations. If so, don't go!

Mark Wadsworth

Aha! CSI stands for Case-Schiller Index. THe penny has dropped.

Ken Houghton

Gratuitous pictures of Ainsley Hayes are always welcome and understood, even ones that appear slightly washed out. (To be clear, I don't object to the Gratuitous Sarah Harding pictures either, but can't tell her from Tonya Harding; was Girls Aloud the UK version of Menudo?)

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