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April 14, 2008


Peter Briffa

Yes but we've all met people who know we don't like them, but they can't quite figure out why. Nine times out of ten they don't avoid us, they just go on trying to ingratiate themselves, which only increases our antipathy.

I reckon that's it.

Rowland Manthorpe

Occasionally they do realise.

Remember the period when the Tories decided to stop releasing policy ideas on the grounds that whatever they said was automatically unpopular?

It was a golden time.

Tom Freeman

If you can forgive the management-speak: they've failed to distinguish outputs (published letter supportive of T5) from outcomes (members of public with improved views of T5).


I've never paid that much attention to Jack Straw, but I've been exposed to a number of interviews with Alistair Campbell and it's pretty clear that his self-image is radically different to the image just about everyone else on the planet (apart from his wife, perhaps) has of him.

I don't think you can put down that level of self-delusion to the dysfunctions of organisational structures, it's rather clearly (in this case at least) a feature of the individual in question.


Campbell has been bonkers, which does not preclude his currently being bonkers.

Your point is good: further to it, I've always wondered how cunning, duplicitous French diplomacy can ever work when the French routinely boast about how cunningly duplicitous their diplomacy is.

PS I recommend that you treat us to some gratuitous Mme Sarkozy de temps en temps; the wife not the mother.


Isn't it possible that they realise it doesn't actually matter what we think of them? We have no largesse to offer them, no directorships. Even if Straw were to be voted out he'd not suffer much as a result.

Dave Cole

I can't get trackback to work... I wrote a reply, of sorts, over here: http://davecole.org/blog/2008/04/14/through-a-press-release-darkly/

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