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May 23, 2008



yeah, but no one will believe him


"It'll take the form not so much of voters (and their friends and neighbours) losing their jobs - though this'll happen to some extent - but of Poles going home."

Or accepting lower wages? Either way, the pain will be felt by those unlikely to vote.


You could also argue that if this was true, which i dont think it is, folks might consider it a good time for a safe change of suits in the provinsion London government.

either way its get your coat time.


Going home, or bludging off the Welfare State?


Kinglear has it.

The significance of the current crunch is that it shows us the true face of the Brown administration in all its glorious stumbling uncomprehending incompetence.

There is no way back. The long process of restoring labour to a party fit for government starts now, and will inevitably involve a long spell in opposition.

richard hazelgrove

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