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May 14, 2008



It may be more important that snap policies are made before pressure groups have time to nobble you.

Tom P

I kind of agree with the thrust of what you are saying here. Quite often in discussions about policy there seems to be an assumption that there is a 'correct' policy out there just waiting to be discovered, if we look/think hard enough. I think that is a major trap, and also takes the point out of politics.

But I thought Blink! was terrible. I hate his stuff generally as it reads like a story, which really bothers me. Story-telling, as a form of relaying information, may itself be one big cognitive bias.


I can't remember who wrote the book, but our instant reactions to things about which we have no actual knowledge tend to be better than once we have done research.

Kevin Darlington

I take your point re ERM, but this particular measure is costing £2.7bn in public borrowing (aka delayed taxation)....good policy (I agree) but at great cost owing to it being a panic measure.

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