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May 05, 2008



I think you make the point - what is the over-arching preference? And in this case, surely, as you say, I don't what that oily dago to get two prizes.


"Oily dago?" This is a player who has graced English football all season & ought to be celebrated. Playground chauvinism has led the English team to the beaches this year as opposed to strutting their stuff on the European stage. Inflated reputations & inflated wages should be condemned not brilliance.


Isn't this just externalities by another name? i.e. Preferences are not independent between seperate choices.


There is another alternative - perhaps being the young player of the year is something different than being the player of the year. (Maybe it should be young-player of the year). i.e. Ronaldo has been around so long he is no longer considered a young-player (i.e. one who on a steep upward learning curve).

Matthew Cain

Except, of course, it was irrational. Because the other option was Fernando Torres who, by any measure, has been a better player than Cesc Fabregas this year.

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