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May 19, 2008


Dave Cole

Robert Earl Kean and Steve Earle have good cases for inclusion...


Who cares? Oh, I forgot, you live in the boondocks now.


How can you exclude the wonderful Gram Parson from the list?!


Thought of shooting myself when I read this, will write a petition to ban country...

Kevin Carson

Roy Acuff and Bob Wills belong on there. Come to think of it, Willie does, too.

Glenn (aka angry economist)

You're a man of taste and refinement, Chris. Of course I would have included Gram Parsons at no. 1, as well as Steve Earle, and Willie Nelson.

For me, Ryan Adams, and Uncle Tupelo would probably be in there.

You no fan of Woody Guthrie? given you're socialist leanings, thought he would appeal...

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