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June 22, 2008


Mark Harrison

Here's a meme for you:

Someone who comes to the UK (legally or not) to get a job and pay our taxes is better for the UK economy than someone who stays in their home country and manufactures goods that we buy from there paying Indian / Chinese / Polish / French / American taxes.

Pete Tiarks

I dunno about this whole "don't worry about the truth - the right don't" thing.

Of course right-wing (at least in the sense of social conservative) viewpoints don't take reality too seriously - they pretty much set out their stall in opposition to it.

Seems to me that being true is one of the big points in favour of many left-wing talking points: WMD, climate change, sex education, benefits of immigration, etc. etc.


Beer good in Rutland is it? How much had you had, I wonder, before you decided that "... blogs are the natural arena of proper political debate. What goes on in parliament - and to a large extent in the dead trees - is merely the clash of managerialist egos."


Beer good in Rutland is it? How much had you had, I wonder, before you decided that "... blogs are the natural arena of proper political debate. What goes on in parliament - and to a large extent in the dead trees - is merely the clash of managerialist egos."


The thing about this is that it's not the truth that is upheld - it's the perception. So if Trade Unionists are seen as hurting their businesses ( which they undoubtedly did in the 60s and 70s) then that's why they will be stigmatised by entrepreneurial and wealth creating people.And they are at it again - but that is only to be expected when we have had Labour ( Nu or otherwise) in power. The "wave" simply repeats itself. Tories fix it so the economy is good, Labour destroy it, and the Tories get it right again - ad nauseam


By the way, the woman that yesterday was elected as secretary general of the spanish Partido Popular (liberal conservative, now in the opposition) is a single mother.
Whose cultural hegemony is that?

Bishop Hill

I remember writing a post some time ago in which I declared that we should replace Parliament with a blog or a bulletin board. It might raise the tone and intellectual standard quite a bit.

Peter Risdon

Your memes aren't new, and there might be a reason why they have failed so far. This is, after all, an application of evolutionary principles to ideas.

Perhaps your memes are unsuccessful because they don't accord with experience.

Rofl Mao Zedong

"blogs are the natural arena of proper political debate" - Yes, that'll fly with the millions of people who've never even heard of any of the political blogs, and it will flatter the already bloated egos of certain bloggers. But it's still total shite, really, isn't it?
Is it joining the David Davis Fan Club (aka Liberal Conspiracy) that's prompted you to write embarrassingly stupid and pompous garbage like this (and the appalling pseudo-prole macho bullshit in the previous post), or is it just that you're running out of ideas and yet still pathetically anxious to get Danny Finkelstein to link to you? "Proper political debate" my ass - parasitism on the mainstream media is what most political blogs are about, and you know it.

Kevin Carson

Hear, hear!

I've been trying for years to spread the memes of big business as welfare queen, and of the free market as enemy of big business.

When the mainstream Left take neoliberal labels at face value by referring to Washington Consensus "free trade," "free trade agreements," "free markets," and the like, they're objectively collaborating with the corporate ruling class in maintaining its hegemony. When left-wing and pseudo-leftist journalists refer to some politician or other as in favor of "free trade," they're allowing the class enemy to define the terms of discourse.

We need to be vigorously contesting the terms "free market" and "free trade" at every opportunity, and demonizing neoliberals in terms of their own professed values.

Giant corporations and their intellectual and political lackeys have no more right to the term "free market" than Joe Stalin had to the language and symbolism of the workers' movement.

A couple of examples of steps in the right direction are Dean Baker and RFK Jr. But we need more--much more.

Chris Williams

"What would Adam Smith have done?"

"Pretty much everyone on the telly or on the radio is on more than forty grand a year. Newspaper owners are multi-millionaires. Treat their opinions accordingly."

"I don't care about the billion quid that welfare scroungers steal from my taxes, so much as the ten billion that the super-rich do."

"War is the state's killer app."

NB - there's enough that's true, we don't need to mis-speak to make our point.


how about the left appreciating that liberty protects the weak from the powerful. Only the rich (or well connected) can hide from the state, afford a good lawyer, bribe the appropriate officials or flee to a nice home in swiss in extremis.

or that all elites are corporatists at heart. much easier to deal with four or five supermarkets that dominate the supply chain, than try and control a market.


Que es socialismo? Garantie de llibertat!


"And don’t be hung up by the “truth.” "

Now there is a meme.

"After all, the right wasn’t when it began those successful hegemonic memes."

I know this to be true, for I have it on the authority of a man who claims not to be hung up on the truth.

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