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July 18, 2008



"This is because government borrowing is, by identity, the counterpart of private saving; the government is borrowing a lot because companies and overseas residents (mostly in Asia) are saving so much."

This is only true on a trivial level. Total world government borrowing must equal world government saving: the UK can choose it's own level of borrowing. Although the government finances are not precisely controllabale through the levers of tax and spending most governments have a reasonable level of control.


"But do we have any right at all to impose this upon the unborn?"

You mean DOES BROWN have any right to impose this... And the answer is NO. Obviously not. An unelected coward has no right to do this merely to try to fuck the incoming Tory government, which is the underlying reason for this, nothing else. Brown KNOWS he's fucked and he's trying to take the rest of us with him.

I hope all right thinking people will be around Parliament on Nov 5th this year for a nice stroll...


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passer by

Politics thank goodness is a branch of philosophy, not the other way round, show biz for ugly people and boy these guys are ugly.


But do we have any right at all to impose this upon the unborn?

We may or may not but it's the best short term strategy for short termists, whom I think constitute the majority?

passer by

Life is short term is it not?


"We" are not deciding to do anything. Brown is deciding to tax us after the next election, because most people will not know about those taxes until after the election, when it will be too late to change their votes.

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