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July 16, 2008



Who are these capitalists - mainly pensioners?

Bob B

Yup - mostly wicked pensioners. And as Harold Wilson used to say in his enlightening moments: One man's wage increase is another man's price increase.


"It shows that workers’ bargaining power is weak, thanks in part to the entry into the global labour market of billions of Chinese and Indian workers. The OPRW has fallen pretty consistently since 2003."

UK workers' bargaining power is weak. But the flip side is that Chinese and Indian workers' bargaining power is increasing (albeit from a low base). Indeed, it has been wage inflation in China that is part of the cause of rising global prices.


Another dark day for the Stock Exchange throughout Europe. Bankers and traders work warily and such trepidation is now typical of every sector. Consumer spending is also showing signs of slowing down; sales in shops are down. Everyday the Bank of England is trying to balance the growing evidence of an economic slowdown against the problem of rising inflation. But the headlines spoke again about dropping house prices...
what can we do?
If you're looking to purchase in London should you wait? Thinking about selling? How difficult is it really?

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