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July 21, 2008



Couldn't there be a selection bias in this. I imagine that high self esteem individuals also cause much more mischief. But because the downside is limited (by jail or bankrupcy) the average looks better.


Note also that Adam Smith's quacks and imposters would have also had a good average income.


I can't remember who said it ( it might have been Freud) but " no man can help but have an inestimable view of his self if he has been the cynosure of his mother's eyes" - or something like that






I guess that others read this piece at Freakonomics blog which links to "Ugly Criminals":

Possibly a converse result?

My group worked with the Physics Olympiad organisers when the event was held in the UK a few years ago. The 18 year olds were asked to address plausible but difficult physics problems. Alas, I can't find a good link to the UK tutors seeking participants, but their argument today is that only privately educated children would have received the education (A Level Plus) sufficient for the youths to participate in the event.

It is not that pubicly educated students are unanalytical or stupid; Just that they have not been taught enough physics. First year Engineering and Physics are seriously difficult subjects.

And for our 16+ year olds, self confidence is good. As long as they don't insist in stupid arguments in classroom.


No surprise here. Organisations treat you as badly as they can get away with. People with high self-esteem will tend not to put up with it. And people with rich parents will also not put up with it, because they don't have to. But if you've got bills to pay and mouths to feeds, you just have to suck it up.


I read a really good column in the FT recently pointing out that businessmen are often junior sportsmen- for precisely that reason, they go for the delusional belief because ultimately that is a helpful thing if you are say trying to design a computer to replace the IBM, it helps to be delusional.

Steve Mills

High self esteem could also be a factor in people going after more promotions or opportunities because they believe they can handle them. A little bit of self confidence can go a long way.


Dipper got it.


By the way, Dippers argument is also the same argument Chris used for a GMI instead of a minimum wage.


It might be a good idea to inculcate self-esteem in children, by praising rather than punishing them.

Hug the hoodie instead of incarcerating him, you mean, Chris?


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From what I've seen such over-confidence (if one can call it that in this context) can often lead to failure. Why give 100% if you think you can get by putting just 50% in? A friend of mine has superb confidence in himself but it is completely misplaced. He could argue about his opinions very well for hours on end, but if you're wrong, you're wrong. He's unemployed. Silly boy.

That, and I fuckin hate arrogant twats stuck up their own arses. Cunts.

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