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August 25, 2008



as I gaze upwards from my lowly seat in the City, it certainly seems to be the case that booms allow inefficient organisations (or parts of organisations) to drive out efficient ones.


CD: "And they found only weak evidence that firms effectively restructured in recessions."

Is there evidence that shows that firms effectively restructure during booms?


When I look at employment sites, I see 100 and 150K jobs posted -


So why are all these jobs posted and I have a good job and all I know have a good job and still people claim unemployment?


Why was productivity growth so high in the relatively stable 60s? And consider that overworked employees may actively look for productivity improvements in order to reduce the strain they are under, while workers who feel threatened by redundancy may find ways to deliberately reduce productivity so as to make themselves less expendable. I think it is a bit like running - there is not much evidence that running fast has much to do with height - and there is not much evidence that the business cycle has much to do with productivity.


David - come back in 18 months and say that. Unemployment is a trailing indicator.


Famous last words of idiots.


David really is perfect evidence that the world is unfair. How can such an idiot have a job!


I know - maybe it was satire of course!


But it is true I guess, that after recessions, start ups have it easier, not only are workers easier to recruit and motivate but IN PARTICULAR rents are lower. This may not do much for average productivity (since startups are mostly crap) but it may seed some important new innovations. I wonder how you would check out that theory?


"So why are all these jobs posted and I have a good job and all I know have a good job and still people claim unemployment?"

Because most of them are work from home scams, sales positions in firms with high turnover of staff so permantly advertised, or real positions requiring skilled experienced people for the job - in other words aimed at pinching people already in work but looking to move.

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