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August 18, 2008



"the purpose of redistribution was to either help people who had fallen on hard times (sickness or unemployment) or were unable to help themselves, such as the long-term ill or unskilled?" If that really were the purpose, rather than just the purported purpose, few of us would much object to it. But your real difficulty is your call for "radicalism" since that is most unlikely to arise from people from a socialist tradition, whose every instinct is permeated with 19th century misunderstandings and resentments.


Although I agree with you on the issue of 'middle income' being far lower than commentators think, he did use the term 'middle class', which has a different meaning.

a very public sociologist

"A genuinely radical party would pose these questions. But of course, New Labour, which has sucked up to the rich throughout it’s existence, is in no position to do so."

Forgive me for saying so, but, time for a new workers' party ...

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