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September 17, 2008


Luis Enrique

If we had, say, markets in unemployment protection, what's to stop them blowing up? What's to stop us having a credit crunch caused by screw-ups in the securitized unemployment insurance policy market, as opposed to securitized mortgages?

Perhaps we'd see a positive* feedback loop from higher unemployment to banking crisis and hence more unemployment

* in the sense of accelerating, not 'good'

Karthic Dixit

As an overseas reader, I'm happy to finally get free access to your articles at IC.
But I'm wondering why IC doesn't provide a feed for them, making it easier for regular readers to follow your writings:
Given free access, I'd imagine that'd be a further reader friendly step.

Or, 'am I missing something?


"Chris spent eight years as a UK economist with one of Japan's biggest banks." Or, at least, it was one of the biggest when he joined them.


good article today in the Times. Bit unfortunate that Carl Mortished made roughly the same point on the same day?

Richard Hancock

"A large chunk of my work for the Investors Chronicle is now free to all-comers"

Great news. As a former IC subscriber, I've missed being able to read your articles (other than at the public library).

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