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September 30, 2008



...experienced workers and managers...

You acknowledge the managers, Chris?


I know a GP whose response to their recent remunerative pay deal was to work fewer hours. That's presumably due also to the way that the government has made the job less satisfying by undermining his autonomy.

Frank Pollacco

That's an interesting theory about earlier retirement and lower productivity.

passer by

Yes the evidence does not matter either way, its a matter of principle that people should be taxed as lightly as possible, and the state should not intrude in the citizens life without good reason. It seems to me to be a value judgment. It applies to rich and poor alike. All we are creating with a larger and larger state is snowball bureaucracy, and a manager class to run it.


True to my nom-de-plume, I am curious to know if "gotten" is now the accepted past participle in English English.

Andreas Paterson

passer by - The right to own private property is a right defined by the state. Since the private property allows for the accumulation of rent, private property is a state sponsored wealth distribution from the propertyless to the propertied.

Why is this state enforced redistribution of wealth acceptable, but others are not?


Andreas -- it's only redistibution if it goes *from* the wealthy. If it goes *to* the wealthy, it's the free market at work, proof that god's in his heaven, and as unassailable as gravity.


The company I worked for had a pay freeze last year while personal expenses rose.
A good proportion of the staff were working longer hours to make up for the shortfall, so it appears that more people are motivated by hardship than wealth.
If I reached a target level of wealth I'd retire on the spot...

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