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September 09, 2008


Luis Enrique

"They think the state and leadership are solutions. We think they are the problem."

"We"? I expect that if you devised some empirical test to find out what proportion of the population regards the state as a provider of solutions or as a source of problems, you might find yourself in the minority.

"Something ought to be done about this" appears to be the default response to any situation found unsatisfactory, and the somebody to do the doing, is the state.


I second Luis remark.
A politician saying: "Well, the economic may be in trouble, but i cannot do anything about that" will immediately loose his job.

A politician will speak to the median voter, sometimes a little to the left and sometimes a little to the right. you are not the median voter, therefore he will not speak with you.


Some policies would be nice though.


Unfortunately, the majority of the population participate in the delusion that leaders can provide solutions.

Mike Woodhouse

It's all a bit tricky, isn't it? I suppose we're back in "don't vote, it only encourages them" territory.


Thirding Luis: practically everyone I know seems to leap directly from "X is bad" to "The government should do something about X".

Maybe "the rest of us" was supposed to mean "browsers of thoughtful political and economics blogs who have heard of Hayek..."


"Unfortunately, the majority of the population participate in the delusion that leaders can provide solutions."

Speaking for 'me' rather than 'we' the alternative - presumably a kind of economic determinism that allows 'the market' full rein seems less palatable.


Maybe the State is not the problem but the acknowledging and acceptance of the problem: people living together.

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