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November 23, 2008


Bob B

Of analysis in the press, I thought this by Minette Marrin in the S Times was especially to the point:

Slithery Jacqui Smith wants a backdoor ban on prostitution

Moralism is seldom even handed. It's fairly predictable that the proposed legislation is not going to interfere much with the (? international) market for highly-priced call girls serving celebrity clients, of the kind run by Heidi Fleiss in Hollywood:

Seems to me, a key insight is that the market for prostitutes is highly segmented into virtually non-competing components.

James Schneider

A revolution to get rational policies? Sounds a tad bizarre.

On the labour "controlled for another's gain", isn't that just wage labour?


"if we really want...": the trouble is, you are just the sort of chap who won't know the outcome, because the Revolution will decide that it has no need for the likes of you.


«if we really want rational policy-making, we might need a revolution.»

The problem is not policy-making, it is voting. The government is not really swindling the voters, it is delivering what they want.

And what they (elderly middle class aunts) is sentimentalism and hypochrisy, reactionary oppression and political correctness, low salaries and high assert prices, and all the rest, and the government tries hard to please.



I’ve never seen the attraction of prostitution. If a man wants quick unfulfilling sex with a woman who despises him, he should get married.

Bob B

"The government is not really swindling the voters, it is delivering what they want."

That's probably true. As I've noted online before, on one of my frequent grocery shops to a vast Tesco Extra, I noticed among the display of "top selling" paperbacks a Penguin book: Confessions of a Working Girl, by Ms S, which seemed an interesting alternative to the neighbouring mainstream P/Bs on family, romance and adventure.

A check showed the price even more discounted at amazon so I sent for a copy. It turned out to be a well-written tale of how a student had avoided building up a student loan by working her way through college at a local massage parlour, located down the end of the road where she lodged, and which was really a cover for a brothel. The author relates the err .. substantive parts with verging on clinical clarity. In all, the book wasn't an erotic read. Chunks, in fact, read like an operations manuel for other girls who might also want to avoid building up loans to finance their own experience of higher education.

It turns out that there's now a sequel volume on her career progression after completing her college studies. Here is the spiel from amazon:

Miss S is a highly successful London-based paid companion. She began her career as a part-time working girl in a brothel whilst she was a student, before moving on to agency work as an escort. She is now fully independent. Miss S is intelligent, articulate, hard-working and ambitious. Above all, she loves what she does.

In short, an exemplary example of career progression all due to free market capitalism.

Have you also come to love those evocative euphemisms: paid companion and compensated dating? As a paid companion, I doubt that Ms S will be troubled by Ms Jacqui Smith's proposed law.

Peace be upon William Donaldson (alias Henry Root), who was once drescribed by Kenneth Tynan as "an old Wykehamist who ended up as a moderately successful Chelsea pimp.":


The problem with economice policies at the mo are that they are trying to return us to a flawed position.



I’ve never seen the attraction of prostitution. If a man wants quick unfulfilling sex with a woman who despises him, he should get married."

Only trouble is - it doesn't work (unless you add an appropriate religious conviction I suppose).


The attraction may not be the quick unfulfilling sex with a woman who despises him, it may be that after paying for said sex, the man is free to go, unlike a married man.

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Some interesting and radical ideas. From experience I do beleive some women enjoy working as prostitutes and their earnings can be quite high. Also I just cant see the moral majority allowing a market in organs - could be a slippery slope.

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Agree with the previous commenter that some women like such kind of making money. Some of them even like to be treated like whores, they get satisfaction from this. What government should really do is to eliminate pimps so girls have possibility to work free and not to pay some pimps.

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I didn't pick up on the paragraph about supply the first time I read it - good catch!

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